Are you looking for your future home?
Are you looking for a solution to sell or rent or RENOVATE your property in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg?
You wish to offer the best management to your co-ownership?


Lux Immo Concept is your Real Estate Agency that offers you properties for sale and for rent. We are committed to putting all our skills at your service for a sale or purchase in complete confidence.

We accompany you in the different stages of the valuation of your property and also in the sale of your property.

We offer you a high-level presentation with HDR photos. We also have the advantage of being able to speak : French - German - Italian - Spanish - Danish - English and Luxemburgish

Listing of our services for the marketing of your property :
> Analysis of the customer's solvency before visit
> Photo HDR
> Visits on Saturday and Sunday
> Multiple advertising on Luxembourg real estate platforms

What is the HDR photo ?

This special photo treatment allows for cleaner and brighter rendering. The camera takes several photos:
> One with overexposure (very bright)
> One with an under-exposure (dark)
> A normal one

Once this is done, a program will overlay the photos and mix them together to bring out the best in the photographic shots. This mode will allow you to take sharper photos, it will release the shadows and details will be much more visible. The rendering is more uniform, it allows you to avoid damaging the image when the light is too strong or too weak.

For any other information we remain at your entire disposal, (compromise, energy pass, free estimate, restoration). Do not hesitate to contact us concerning your project, it will be a pleasure for us to see how we could collaborate and find the best solutions to your needs.

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